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F.F.T - Future Frequency Technology - OUT NOW! (Posjeta: 579 )
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Lokacija: Germany
Zanimanje: company
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F.F.T - Future Frequency Technology - is a side project of Lamat.
Lamat & Stalker developed a top-notch, full-power & clear crystal sound production, which was already presented in Lamat album - Master Control. EXPECT NOTHING LESS FROM F.F.T!!!
Each track on F.F.T album is a refined Fullon Psychedelic Trance Bomb with monstrous Bass-Line & Kick! Review:
A brilliant new album out nowUnashamedly energetic and truly psychedelic night-time trance. Highly recommended.

F.F.T - Future Frequency Technology

Track list:

1. Baraka
2. Irrational Impulses
3. Softech
4. Memory Flashes
5. Hi-Tech Pleasures
6. Novatech
7. Underverse
8. Evolution

Samples, Info & Pics:

Coming soon: Psycomex - Tlaloc

AP Records