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Valentino Kanzyani
The undisputed king of Slovenian underground electronica. If you're not a newby in the never ending game of beatmatching and scratching, you probably know Valentino doesn't really understand the meaning of words limit, border and purism.

He is one of the founding fathers of Slovenian techno, but that has never really stopped him to throw one of his gourmet house or even d&b sets. Or anything in between that he found fresh at the time. After a decade of creative symbiotic with his fellow countrymen Umek, with whom he founded and managed labels Recycled Loops and Earesistible Musick, the two discovered they’ve grown apart, shook hands and concentrated on new music ventures each on their own. After a series of big releases on labels such as Primevil, Yoshitoshi (Flying), Intec (House Soul EP), Wet Musik, Tronic (Burros Eslovenos) and Primate Kanzyani decided it is time to take a break. He spent the summer in Ibiza where he, as many other artists before him, found his new muse. He gathered flock of fresh artists under the Jesus Loved You ensign and now leads them back to the essence of clubbing debauchery. In this honorable cause he’s heavily supported by artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Sharam and essential selector Pete Tong, who, after all this years in business and hundred thousands of flown miles still consider Kanzyani one of the most passionate and fresh sounding electronic artists on the Globe.

Selected Discography
Valentino Kanzyani: First Level Completed E.P. - Primate Recordings (2000)
Valentino Kanzyani: Under Pressure EP - SuperBra (2000)
Valentino Kanzyani: Why Not...EP - Primevil (2000)
Valentino Kanzyani: House Soul (Remixes) - Intec Records (2001)
Valentino Kanzyani: House Soul EP - Intec Records (2001)
Valentino Kanzyani: Flying - Yoshitoshi Recordings (2002)
Valentino Kanzyani: Pornorama - Earresistible Musick (2002)
Valentino Kanzyani: Flying (Remixes) - Shinichi (2003)
Valentino Kanzyani: Burros Eslovenos EP - Tronic (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: Injection - Mad Nurse (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: La Sala Loca EP - Recycled Loops (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: Learning How To Do It - Consumer Recreation (2004)
Valentino Kanzyani: Intecnique Album Sampler - Intec Records (2005)
Valentino Kanzyani: iPray - Jesus Loved You (2005)
Valentino Kanzyani: Paradox - Jesus Loved You (2006)
Valentino Kanzyani: Warders Of Our Own Prison EP - Intec Records (2006)
Valentino Kanzyani: Homo Moralis - Relic Music (2006)
Valentino Kanzyani: Paradox - Hz Trax (2007)
Valentino Kanzyani: Seasons EP - Vezotonik (2007)
Valentino Kanzyani: Thrilling EP - Circle Music (2007)
Valentino Kanzyani: Prizmas and Boomerangs - Jesus Loved You (2008)
Valentino Kanzyani: Nueva York Remixes – Jesus Loved You (2008)
Valentino Kanzyani: Valentino Kanzyani: Valkanizateur - Circle / Daredo Music (2008)
Valnetino Kanzyani: Late Night Shadows- Jesus Loved You(2008)
Valentino Kanzyani: Kopa Blanca – Recon Light (2009)
Valnetino Kanzyani & Tomy DeClerque: 33 - Jesus Loved You (2009)
Traxster: Believe (Valentino Kanzyani remix) - Primate Endangered Species (2001)
Simon Digby: Benchmark (Valentino Kanzyani Remixes) - Wetmusik (2001)
Simon Digby: Tribal Theory (Kanzyani remix) - Bush (2001)
Jon Carter: Humanism (Valentino Kanzyani remix) - Shine Recordings (2002)
Steve D: Red Fever (V.K. remix) - Recycled Loops (2002)
Steve D: Get Into The Groove (V.K. remix) - Recycled Loops (2003)
Alek Biotic: Funk Matter (V.K. remix) - Gotham Grooves (2003)
Martyn Hare: To The Grim (V.K. remix) - Tronic (2003)
Boriqua Tribez: Feto (Kanzyani Edit) - Recycled Loops (2004)
Carl Cox: Give Me Your Love (V.K. remix) - 23rd Century Records (2004)
Hertz: Julia (V.K. remix) - Sway (2004)
Sultan & The Greek: Rezin (Valentino Mix) - Shinichi (2004)
Patrik Skoog: Desolation Ltd (12") Untitled (V.K. remix) Drumcode (2005)
Chus & Penn: Esperanza (V.K. remix) - Defected (2005)
Chus & Penn: Esperanza (V.K. remix) - Urbana Recordings (2005)
Tonepushers: Falling (V.K. remix) - Fifth Sun Recordings (2005)
Rob Mooney: Feelin' Electro (V.K. remix) - Punch Funk Records (2005)
TC&P: Introvex (Valentino Ka... Thomas Christopher + Payne Recordings (2005)
Ivan Komlinovic: Ordinary Session (V.K. remix) - Work Hard Play Hard (2005)
Silence: Skin (V.K. remix) - Matrix Musik (2005)
Tom Hades: Einsamheit (V.K. remix) - Rhythm Convert (2006)
John Acquaviva & Madox: Feedback (V.K. remix) - Mantra Vibes (2006)
Robert G Roy: So Much Better (V.K. remix) - Earresistible Musick (2006)
M.I.K.E. - Salvation (V.K. remix) - Club Elite (2006)
Nathan Fake: Outhouse ((V.K. remix) - Recycled Loops (2007)
DJ Link: Salada (V.K. remix) - Amigos Recordings (2007)
Shlomi Aber ft Lemon: Moods (V.K. remix) - Renaissance (2007)
John Acquaviva & Madox ft Tommie Sunshine: Running From (V.K. remix) - Mantra Vibes (2007)
Chris Barrat: Whistlechaims (Valentino Kanzyani & Tomy DeClerque Remix) – Jesus Loved You (2008)
Cory B & Shirfy - Island (Valentino Kanzyani remix) – Titanium Records (2008)

DJ Mixes:
Rock The Discotheque (CD) - Matrix Musik (2001)
Rock The Discotheque Vol. 2 (CD) - Matrix Musik (2003)
Intechnique: A Continuous Mix By Valentino Kanzyani - Intec Records (2005)
Rock The Discotheque 3 (CD) - Matrix Musik (2006)
Palazzo - Volume Six (CD) - T:Classixx (2007)

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