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Tex Rec was born in Tuzla in 1983. - moved to Germany (Berlin) in 1991. and lived there until the year of '97. In the year of '95. he started to attend parties, and begun to get interested in electronic music. While he was on one of the first big parties in B&H (when Chris Liebing came in Lukavac) he has got the inspiration for making an electronic

Tex Rec started to purchase some software like Reason 2 and Fruity Loops 3, and simply begun to work. He knew, right from the start, that he ain't going to give this up 'cause he realised that he just love to make his own music.

Comparing with his beginnings, one can see some positive results and moves.

Now he's not working just to practice – Tex Rec is connected with labels which are selling his music. So far, he achieved to issue a couple of editions for: C-Electronics (BiH) / Total Wipes (Italy) / North West SPB (Rusia), and many more. Soon, he shall connect himself with some greater labels like Mixtape, etc. At this moment he's associated with a friend from Mostar (Narcis Jr.) with whom he's leading a group Sound Terrorist Dj'z (STDJ'z).

Merged with Narcis Jr. he activated a Minimal Label: CVM-Records (Clubvibes Minimal Records), which is going to support Bosnia & Herzegowina's electronic music scene. Tex Rec published a lot of releases for CVM-Records, and will release more soon.

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