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Nihad Tule
Nihad Tule, 24 years and originally from the proud town of Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina. He now lives in the town Norrköping on the swedish eastcoast.

When not studying he enjoys programming patterns and making noises with his computer. Sometimes the result is something quite useful and gets released. Still the best things are surely yet to come!

Apart from that he also enjoys playing the records he likes for other people and has shared DJ Booth with great DJs souch as Dave Clarke, Phil Kieran, Joel Mull, Özgür Can, Vince Watson, Johan Bacto, Henrik B, Justin Robertson, to name a few.

Way Of The Lonely Ones (incl. Jerome Sydenham Remix, Spectrum Recordings)
Marco Brugattu & Paul Cart - Billie's Mascotte (Nihad, Lasse & Nima Remix, Suara 11)
Smith & Selway - Total Departure (Nihad Tule Remix, Drumcode 41,5)
Chess (with Nima Khak, split with Joel Mull, Truesoul 17)
Loco Motion / Climber (with Lasseman, Truesoul 16)
Hertz "Priorities" - Nihad Tule & Lasseman Remix (New Life pt1, Sway 21x)
"NT Goes Petshopping" - Clones 9 (split with Boriqua Tribez)
Process EP "Decimator" (with Lasseman, Sway 19)
Consequence EP (HzTrax 04)
Jackmovers One "Dielektrik" (Jackmoves 03)
Özgür Can & Dumb Dan "Bloody Mary - Kontraform Reconstruction Edit" (Bevlar User 15)

Richie Hawtin playing “Chess” (by Nihad Tule & Nima Khak


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