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DJ Mika
Label manager, dJ and producer Mika was born in 1981 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina,which was part of Yugoslavia in that time.Having been interested in music since his childhood, Mika inherited his talent and love for music from his father, who has worked in the music industry for over 30 years.

 Influenced by his father, and his own love of music, Mika enrolled at Mostar's Abrasevic Music School when he was 9, where he wanted to learn to play the synthesiser. In both his first and second year the the Abrasevic school he finished the top of his class.Due to the Balkan conflicts, he was unable to finish his studies. After the fall of Yugoslavia, Mika's love for music remained strong, and he continued to explore all aspects of popular music at that time.

Between 1995 and 1997, Mika began to be inspired by hip-hop music, and he particularly liked artists such as Wu Tang, Cypress Hill, 2pac and so on. The genre of hip-hop, and the social commentary it provided, mirrored Mika's experiences of that time.

At the beginning of 1997, Mika reached a life turning point. It was then that Viva, a German television channel, aired programmes about electronic music events,
like the world-famous Love Parade. This was how Mika was introduced to electronic music. After seeing events such as the Love Parade, with its energetic crowds, over the top decorations and fun atmosphere, Mika fell in love with electronic music. Then he did not ever think he would ever stand behind the mixing desk. After seeing these shows, Mika began attending a dJ course at Mostar's Pavarotti Music Centre, where he used decks and a mixer for the first time. From that moment on, Mika used any available opportunity to improve his dJ skills, whilst saving the money to buy his own dJing equipment.

After several years attending parties, learning about the electronic music scene, and improving his skills, Mika made the move to being a professional dJ in 2001. After playing a few parties, Mika started promoting techno music, which the Mostar music scene lacked. Although he did not promote techno for very long, a techno music scene developed in Mostar. In that short period, Mika managed to bring several world famous techno dJs to Mostar, and these were the first techno events of that size to be held in Mostar.

By the end of 2002, Mika began to be interested in electronic music production. In a short time, Mika's career progressed through various stages, such as dJing, promoting and producing. These various jobs helped Mika to achieve top level skills in electronic music. The shortage of production equipment in Mostar did lead to delays in Mika's production work. However, despite these problems, he managed to build a small studio, from where he released his first track for the Nitrosound label in 2005. After that, Mika released a number of tracks with world famous labels, including Mastertraxx, Submissions, Planet Rhythm, Yin Yang, Definition, Pirate Audio, Protocast and more. Most of these releases was played and charted by top techno dJs like Space DJs,Cristian Varela, Pedro Delgardo, Ignition Technician, Mike Humphries,Wehbba,Dave the Drummer,Christian Fischer and so on.

Mika's first solo release with the Mastertraxx label, was titled "For my brother",
received world wide critical acclaim, and was played by many well known dJs. That this
release was re-pressed says it all! During this time, Mika collaborated with dJ Ogi on the
successful "Eastern Conference" EP, which was released by the cult label Planet Rhythm.
'Avion', a track from that release, has been licenced for the compilation, 'MayDay 2007',
where it was mixed by Felix Krocher. Mika's second solo release, with Pirate Audio, has also sold out.

In order to further progress his own style, Mika plans to establish his own record label,
Innervate Records. This project start at the beginning of 2008, and the first release will
be presented by some of the most important contemporary names in the techno scene.


Discography :

Releases :

*1) VA - Say You Love Satan - Nitrosound 1203 digital (05)
*2) VA - Global traxx vol. 1 - Mastertraxx 005 (12") (05)
*3) VA - Fight For Your Right - Submissions 011 (12") (06)
*4) dj Mika - 4 My Brother - Mastertraxx 007 (12") (06)
*5) VA - Protocast 05 (12") (06)
*6) dj Mika&Tomash Gee - Blood Suckers - Submissions 12 (12") (06)
*7) dj Mika Vs Concrete Djz - Mastertraxx 09 (12") (06)
*8) VA - Solid Players III - Definition 2023 (12") (07)
*9) dj Mika&Dj Ogi - Eastern Conference - Planet Rhythm 57 (12") (07)
10) dj Mika - Pirate Audio 09 (12") (07)
11) dj Mika - Evil Dancer - Yin Yang 19 (12") (07)
12) VA - Rebar - Armatura 01 (12") (08)
13) VA - First Flash - Innervate 01 (12") (08)
14) VA - To Hell And Back - Keep On Techno 12 digital (08)
15) VA - Retro Galactic - Techment 05 (12") (08)
16) dj Mika - Pirate Audio 12 (12") (08)
17) VA - Yin Yang Allstars 2 - Yin Yang 025 (12") (08)
18) VA - Bounding - Abolition 001 digital (08)
19) VA - Cement - Armatura 02 (12") (09)
20) VA - Connections - Innervate 02 (12") (09)
21) VA - Toyfriend Compilation 01 digital (09)
22) VA - Patterns special 018,5 (12") (09)
23) VA - Yin Yang Allstars 3 - Yin Yang 027 (12") (09)
24) dj Mika&Dj Ogi - Eastern Conference 2 - Planet Rhythm 68 (12") (09)
25) dj Mika - Bosna & Hercegovina - Yin Yang World Series 07 (12") (09)
26) VA - SUBCULT12EP4 (12") (09)
27) dj Mika - Techno Saved My Life - Mastertraxx 15 (12") (09)
28) VA - Futurists - Innervate 03 (12")

Remixes :

1) The Risen - Statement Of Intent (dj Mika rmx) - Intravenous 01 (12") (07)
2) Goncalo M - G28 - (dj Mika rmx) - Yin Yang 21 (12") (08)
3) John Karagiannis & PayLipService - Decem (dj Mika rmx) digital (09)
4) Ajnspric - Knowledge (dj Mika rmx) - Simbiosis 001 digital (09)
5) Axel Karakasis - Flying The Path (dj Mika rmx) - Techead 11 (12") (09)
6) Odessa Soundfreaks - Coldwave (dj Mika rmx) - Yin Yang Rec (12") (09)
7) Extortion Group - Beat Fall (dj Mika rmx) - Extortion 02 digital coming soon
8) Dolby D - UC4 (dj Mika rmx) - Audio Donors Rec digital coming soon


Tracks appear on :

1) dj Mika - Fight For Your right - Dance&House VS Techno&Schranz Vol 1 CD (06)
2) dj Mika -Invader(Wehbba Remix) -Schranz And Loops 5- Alphabet City CD (07)
3) dj Mika&dj Ogi - Avion - The Official Mayday Compilation 2007 - Toptrax Recordings CD (07)
4) dj Mika - Invader -The Finest In Raw Techno Power - Thorntree Records CD (07/08)

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