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Irmin Imamovic a.k.a. Kondenzator, producer an DJ from Sarajevo, has been involved in electronic music since 2001. His first release was a split with his brother D Liner and saw the light of the day in 2002.

 Since then he has continuously been producing and publishing his tracks on the Sarajevo based label Oscilator. His sound is a specific mixture of techno, minimal and even disco, some call it minimal funk. From 2008 he is involved in a new deep house project, with D Liner, called Brothers For Real. Brothers are performing live or as DJs and are regular players on the local club scene. A lot of new tracks by Kondenzator and Brothers For Real will be out in 2009.

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    • Out Now! Various - CoffeeX (2009) 01.09.2009 u 13:50

      Out Now! Various - CoffeeX (2009)

      Predstavljamo vam prvu kompilaciju netlejbla Coffee Break Street iz Srbije, na kojoj su okupljeni producenti iz cijelog regiona, uključujući D Linera i Kondenzatora, koji “brane boje” BiH.