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Greg Punkov
Through his work Ensar Zgodic has been involved in radio projects for more then 10 years (radios such as ISV Radio, Radio ZID, Radio 202 and BH Radio 1), mostly in creating radio shows promoting new, underground and exciting music.

He started creating music just for fun 7 years ago, expressing in this way his memories and creating a new life for Yugoslavia socialist TV music aesthetics. In the beginning he has been doing this in his head only, and it lead him to the foundation of an obscure-sound Yurockolonia project. His first release ever was issued in cooperation with his friend Deno Zivkovic, with whom he shares passion for old-school dance and electro. From this time on, Ensar started creating music as Greg Pavlov, alias who inspired him to go forward with strong desire to bring some retro yet fresh, synth-flavoured electro with some Italo-influenced touch and smooth dance floor beats. After a while, Greg Pavlov found his brothers (Iumatico, Videosignal) who confirmed Greg's SCH as a usual producer's disease. Finally Greg Pavlov became Greg Punkov, which still does not bring us to the end of his story. He has been publishing for netlabel Oscilator.

Greg is a co-founder of Oscilator, together with his best friend Andrej Imamovic, and they play at gigs as DJs as well. During these years Ensar has played on EXIT Elektrana Stage 2006, in Zagreb, Novi Sad, Belgrade, as well as in Sarajevo clubs with Sneak Thief, Xed, YAS, Zarkoff, MKDSL, Tristy Nesh and local upcoming producers and DJs. Ensar has organised and co-organised some gigs featuring Manasyt, Miss Housewife and others. These days his track Soda So Prompteleks is about to appear on a Berlin-based Drehmoment label compilation "010 va. Rückwärts im Uhrzeigersinn"...

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