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DJ Erga
Caos people! As the nick say ,ERGA (ERnest GAlic),come from fucked up, but proud country Bosnia and Herzegovina.For all of you who don't give a fuck where is that I will tell you:Middle-East Europe,Balkan.

Since I was little boy I began to interest in music,and went to music school,playing piano for 4 years,but I didn't like it,I thought it was instrument for girls,and I found new motivation,drums,which is my only true love all this years. .For long time I was playing in electro rock bend "Handle with care",and thanx to that I start to show interest in electronic music and production.Mislim ono ka. And all my people are in music (dj's,mc's,producers i musicions). Sta ces,sve udareni umjetnici!! So,here it goes. BIG HELLO TO EVERYONE AND RESPEKT!!!

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    • AndyB*DayParty 26.01.2010 u 09:31


      Klub Coco Loco ovaj vikend vam priprema josh jednu nezaboravnu noc, točnije ovaj petak 29.siječan najavljen je rođendanski party mostarskog DJ-a i producenta Andy-a.