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It was only natural for a kid who grew up in the 80s with the sounds of Soft Cell, Inner City & Technotronic to see himself in Detroit sound in the early 90s, only to draw great inspiration from the German minimal techno scene that brutally enslaved him to living, creating & mixing techno.

At the dawn of the new millennium he started promoting electronic music with two of his friends, Mustafa Salcin & Samira Poricanin, on a local radio station then called Sarajevo 202. The concept of this project entitled as Fresh Beats was to lift all Bosnian artists witch creating and playing electronic music to a higher level, as well as to maximize their public representation. The project also sponsored almost all parties, promotions and leaflets related to the scene.

Nowadays Borgie is mostly preoccupied with a webzine netlabel Oscilator witch releasing his production. In addition to his original alias, Borgie is working as Splendex when presenting minimal, As Boris The Blade when presenting elektro and also as The Perverts for sounds like Disco House, Funk&Oldschool together with his friend Zlijay. At the end he is the founder of Electro/Tech digi label
Adriatiko Recordings.

Borgie Rls :
Gelender vs. Deffender /Oscilator/
Vandal /Oscilator/
Equilibrium Is Down ! /Oscilator/
Assimilator /Adriatiko/
Germany, Germany, Germany W. Enggenier /Adriatiko/
Programator /Homemadelectronica/
Mediamasters /Adriatiko/
Alto Di Adriatiko W.Mezonom /Adriatiko/
Celebrations Of All Nations W.Mezonom /Adriatiko/
Corso Del Danubio /Adriatiko/
Emotional Nights W. Marquetz /Adriatiko/
Fast Roller /Adriatiko/

Rmxs :
Kondenzator & Mezonom - Boys Come On (Borgie Rmxs) /Adriatiko/
Marquetz - So Good (Borgie Rmx) /Adriatiko/
Mezonom - Antinomy (Borgie Rmx) /Adriatiko/
Marquetz - You Will Never Ask 4 More (Borgie Rmx) /Adriatiko/
Zarkoff - Passions (Borgie Rmx) /Adriatiko/
Marquetz - Nitro (Borgie Rmx) /Adriatiko/

Enggenier - Okinawa (Borgie Rmx) /Adriatiko/

Appears On :
VA Home Made - 29.11. /Homemadelectronica/
VA Elite Trikotage 3 /Oscilator/
VA Vol.1 /Cvm/
VA Adriatikum - Volume 1 /Adriatiko/

Planned :
Ohmage /Extracellular Lab/
Dekodenser /Adriatiko/


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    • Adr020: Marquetz - Push The Disco 11.09.2009 u 17:11

      Adr020: Marquetz - Push The Disco

      Predstavljamo vam jubilarno, dvadeseto izdanje lejbla Adriatiko. U pitanju je EP na kome se nalaze dvije pjesme Marka Vukića aka Marquettz – Push The Disco i Mosh, kao i Borgijev Tropical remix stvari “Mosh”.