PMG Kolektiv koncert uživo + Brothers For Real DJ Set, PMG Kolektiv koncert uživo + Brothers For Real DJ Set,
PMG Kolektiv. . . an artistic organisation, surfing the sinewaves of popular culture since 1992. Emerged from the bumpy streets of Skopje (Macedonia) and developed in our comicbook-like brain laboratories. Musicians, djs, teathre and film directors, actors, designers, painters, hackers, loonies, friends. . . Zillions of parties, afterparties, after. . . . well, kept us buisy over the years. We enjoy listening, playing and of course making music. Somehow we find time to organise events (allright: partys, concerts…),play concerts, do radio, release cds, direct teathre plays and videos, act, write, draw, travel, do drugs, play station konami football, hang around. . .Thats enough things to do I suppose. And still doing it right to be perfectly honest. . . PMG Kolektiv is our collective band. We love to come together and make music. Were doing it since the end of the XX century :) First it was remixing other artists in electronic fashion and slowly graduating in full authentic house, techno and electro production, wich concurred Macedonian dancefloors with its diabolical charm. Slowly, but shorely we got bored with the electronic frame and we decided to enrich it with live guitars, bass and drumming, so our sound can get closer to our favourite bands :) We started rehearsing mid-2005 and playing live by the end of that year. We liked it so much, so we keep on doing it. We think our live sounds much better and more adventurous than the cd. As the media sees it, PMG Kolektiv is at the pinpoint of the macedonian new wave. Musicaly, they create a deep cut into the last 40 years and repress the experience into the macedonian reality, by making it sound contemporary, dynamic and quite original. Being one of the most active concerting bands in the country speaks of their dedication to improove, as well as their rising popularity. They posses high crossover potential to appeal to different kinds of audience (several hit songs all over the country confims that). PMG Kolektiv are: Mirko Popov, Ian Straaf Kevreshan, Aleksandar Gavrovski, Sinisa Evtimov, Ljupa Angelov + Nikolina Kujaca & Robotek AFTER Concert stay with Brothers For Real! Brothers are Irmin and Andrej Imamovic, also known as Kondenzator and D Liner, two brothers who share the same love for old skool and contemporary sounds of House music. Brothers For Real is their new project started in 2008, meant as an outfit for all their groovy sound needs. First releases will appear in the second half of 2009 on their home Circuits Records, and on other labels as well. Brothers play as DJs but they also perform as Live Act, which was already rocking the clubs way before their first release was scheduled. Their Influences range from legendary sounds of Acid and Chicago House to Minimal and Deep House sounds of today. Their music, Dj or Live sets are made for dancing, but are also exploring dancefloor limits... To find out more about Brothers check out their MySpace pages. ULAZ 5BAM

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