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#65 (17.01.07) arQer & Realtime & dubstep (Posjeta: 514 )
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nisam odavno najavio sta ce biti sta slusamo u emisiji
stalno pustamo ove evropljane...engleze ,holandjane ... tako da veceras za promjenu ide zvuk iz amerike
dva lika arger i realtime iz houstona.. pustamo debi album koji je nedavno izasao ... zove se Partita
bice naravno i dubstepa opet ...


Texas production team of arQer and Realtime are two of America's finest heavyweights in the DnB scene. With big releases on labels like DSCI4, Outbreak Ltd, Renegade Hardware, Architecture, and Nerve among others, they have made a name for themselves abroad as consistent quality producers. When they are not rocking dancefloors across the globe, they are busy with their labels Monkey Bizness and Medusa introducing and pushing the future stars of tomorrow with releases from artists like Noisia, Garon, Task Horizon, Bad Robot, and Catacomb. Never resting, arQer and Realtime are now ready to unleash their newest opus, Partita, their first full length artist album. arQer and Realtime show their versatility as they take a journey through the many moods of dnb with their trademark flair for being unapologetically different. You can find the music of arQer and Realtime as well as other releases on Monkey Bizness or Medusa at: arQer and Realtime on Beatport arQer on Beatport arQer and Realtime at Nu-Urban Medusa at Nu-Urban Monkey Bizness at Nu-Urban

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Party people
Postova: 26
Lokacija: Sarajevo
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