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Mladen Tomić
An irresistible need to immerse himself in house music led Bosnian DJ Mladen Tomic to launch his career, playing clubs in his hometown of Banja Luka, since 1996. Two years later he had made a job of what started as a hobby, establishing a reputation for a sound that mixed deep, tech-house with more tribal rhythms.

That pulsing vein continues to be tapped to this day, with track releases and gigs from triple-decker Mladen presenting an infectious blend of deep, tech-house, techno and tribal with energy, variety and a harder sound.

Times took an upturn in 1999 when Mladen partnered with fellow Banja Lukan DJ Sinisa Tamamovic to set up Urban Beat, an organisation that has successfully promoted events and tours in their native Republika Srpska and throughout Bosnia (Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Doboj, Prijedor, Mostar, Bihac, Travnik, Zenica). Mladen has also played abroad numerous times, including Serbia and Montenegro (EXIT 04 and 08 festival NS, Belgrade, Nis, Sombor, Podgorica, H.Novi, Kotor), Croatia (Krizevci,Rovinj, S.Brod), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Germany (Karlsruhe), Slovenia (Sezana, Maribor, N.Gorica) and Macedonia (Skopje, Ohrid)… so far!

Another milestone will be marked with the December launch of Night Light Records, the brainchild of Mladen and Sinisa, delivering a solid roster of releases into 2008 and beyond.

Mladen is a resident of Banja Luka’s Music Hall and had recently worked with leading lights in international DJing, including Marko Nastic, Umek, Pedro Delgardo, Trevor Rockliffe, Brenda Russel, Sven Vath, Jim Masters, Misjah, Oxia,Valentino Kanzyani, Antoine Clamaran, Jamie Anderson, Ade Fenton, Ladida, Cristian Varela, Space DJ’s, Deetron, Paul Hazendonk, Preach...).

In 2002, Mladen added production to his talents, releasing original tracks and remixes across some of Europe’s main techno and electronic labels such as Adult Records, Dolls, Relatives, Yin Yang and Fly Life. In June 06, he unveiled an original four-track EP ‘Neuro’ for Fly Life, ranking highly on download charts, then February 07 saw the release of a remix for Axel Karakasis' track ‘Moving Shadows’ on Adult Records. Forthcoming releases are due on their own Night Light label, as well as from their previous stables.


Mladen Tomic // Space Man - V/A EP [Relatives 007] / 2008
Mladen Tomic // Sombrero Negro EP [Adult 008] / 2008
Mladen Tomic // C Series - Night Light 003 V/A EP [Night Light 003] / 2008
Mladen Tomic vs Koning // 3 Eyed Turtle EP [Bad Girls 007] / 2008
Mladen Tomic & Sinisa Tamamovic //Brain Washing EP [Night Light Dig 001] / 2008
Mladen Tomic & Sinisa Tamamovic // Back To Back EP [Techno Artillery 03] / 2008
Mladen Tomic Remix for Sinisa Lukic // Local Moon [Stolen Moments] / 2008
Mladen Tomic Remix for Dejan Milicevic // Slurms Best Mate [Night Light 002] / 2008
Mladen Tomic // Adventure EP [Yin Yang 20] / 2008
Mladen Tomic Remix for Mustafa Avdic // Welcome To Inferno [Solar Cathedral Recordings 05] / 2008
Mladen Tomic // Rambling Walk - Night Light 001 V/A EP [Night Light 001] / 2008
Mladen Tomic & Sinisa Tamamovic // Banjaluka EP [Adult012] / 2007
Mladen Tomic & Sinisa Tamamovic // Audio Family 2 [Dolls 06] / 2007
Mladen Tomic // Wind In The Spine - V/A [Relatives 04] / 2007
Mladen Tomic rmx for Axel Karakasis // Moving Shadows [Adult007] / 2007
Mladen Tomic // Neuro EP [Fly Life dig 02] / 2006

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