Maribor goes Hardcore Maribor goes Hardcore
MARIBOR GOES HARDCORE - The Hardcore Night = hardcore @ Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor, Slovenia FB: Artists: LEVIATHAN NL - Cenobite Records => NOIZEPHASER CRO - Požega | Industry of Noize, Hard Island => PAYMON Factory of Sound, Maribor goes Hardcore, Go Hard or Go Home => HKH aka HYPERKILLAH vs. DEFINED INSANITY B2B outro set => | SPRANEX I am Hardcore => DJ PIR Extra raw style warm up => + SPECIAL SURPRISE ________________________ Info & accreditations: Age Limit: 16+ .... Photo by .... Matjaž Novak SI - Photography editor Media support: Graphic by: 3D Design Media - ________________________ Leviathan - Cenobite Records DJ & Producer Founder of the Amsterdam Based Hardcore label Cenobite Records Cenobite is an open platform for Experimental Dance Music and has international followers. Some call it Trancecore or Cenobite style they like to call it Psycore (Psychadelic Hardcore). As one of the Harder Styles it's dis-scribed as A Mix of Hardcore Break-beat Tekno Acid PsyTrance. But in the end they are Influenced by all kinds of music & sounds Leviathan is also known as Tellurian a project for Mokum Records that started in 1992. And still rocking the crowds globally on festivals & events.